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zOyaha gO'wAdAnA-A

TahAê Ôk'âfA

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k'ala hE'nanga ha

yUdjEhanAnô sô KAnAnô

We, the Yuchi People, are still here.  

k'ala KAêÔthlaha

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The Yuchi Language Project is a model program for language and cultural revitalization. Using the most effective immersion methods, the Yuchi Language Project is seeing children once again speak Yuchi at home, school, church, and at our Yuchi Ceremonial Grounds for the first time in nearly a century.  The program earned the Oklahoma Humanities Award for Education in 2013.  The Yuchi language work has been featured in National Geographic Magazine (2012), Cultural Survival Quarterly (2011, 2019), Keep Talking film (2018), Language Healers film (2013), and Language Revitalization for Families, edited by Leanne Hinton (2013).  

YLP has partnerships with over 12 local and regional organizations including the Tribal Languages Center at Bacone College. We have hosted Indigenous visitors from around the globe sponsored by the U.S. State Department through a partnership with Tulsa Global Alliance, earning the award for “Outstanding At­Large Host” in 2016. YLP provides training for and collaborates with other Native American language programs in Oklahoma, Alaska, Florida, Minnesota, and Norway.  On the international level, Yuchi House Director Richard A. Grounds, Ph.D., is Chair of the Global Indigenous Languages Caucus and head organizer for the 2019 United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages.  

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Revitalize the Yuchi language for future generations