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K@shtalA k'alaKAênÔthlaha


Peabody Museum at Harvard (YLP featured in exhibit) 


Grounds, Richard A. and Renée T. "Family Language without a Language Family." Bringing Our Languages Home: Language Revitalization for Families. Leanne Hinton. Berkeley: Heyday Books, 2013. 41-60.


Grounds, Renée T. “The Yuchi House: A Storehouse of Living Treasure.” Cultural Survival Quarterly. Dec 2011.  Print Issue 35-4

Salsman, Jason. “yUdjEhalA’wAdA: ‘Speak Yuchi’ Generations Merge, Immerse in Language at the Yuchi House.” The Mvskoke News, 1 July 2018, p. 3.  Article PDF


Baglione, John Michael. Yuchi Language Project seeks to revitalize Indigenous identity through common tongue

One of the Last Remaining Native Yuchi Speakers Passes

McGill, Madeline. Heenetiineyoo3eihiiho’ (Language Healers) Reviewed


Yuchi Language Project Attends Youth Language Fair

Endangered Languages Program: Celebrating 4 Years

Camp, Mark. Portalewska, Agnes. The Electronic Drum: Community Radio’s Role in Reversing Indigenous Language Decline


​Ôk'ajU yUdjEha gO'wAdAnA-A h@lA Ôthlâ!
Together we can revitalize the Yuchi language

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