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Ôk'ajU k'aÔk'û

Program Connections

United Nations – Indigenous Languages: Preservation and Revitalization (Dr. Richard Grounds)

gOnE Enû O’wAdAnA: A New Generation of Yuchi Speakers (YLP: Project Administrator Halay Turning Heart)

Peabody Museum at Harvard (YLP featured in exhibit) 


Language Healers Film (YLP featured)


Nugaa Yugaa: Keep Talking film (YLP featured)

Grounds, Richard A. and Renée T. "Family Language without a Language Family." Bringing Our Languages Home: Language Revitalization for Families. Leanne Hinton. Berkeley: Heyday Books, 2013. 41-60.


Grounds, Renée T. “The Yuchi House: A Storehouse of Living Treasure.” Cultural Survival Quarterly. Dec 2011.  Print Issue 35-4

Salsman, Jason. “yUdjEhalA’wAdA: ‘Speak Yuchi’ Generations Merge, Immerse in Language at the Yuchi House.” The Mvskoke News, 1 July 2018, p. 3.

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​Ôk'ajU yUdjEha gO'wAdAnA-A h@lA Ôthlâ!
Together we can revitalize the Yuchi language

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