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Eldest & Youngest Speakers

Through the toddler and preschool immersion program, the Yuchi Language Project is seeing amazing success in creating new young speakers

Elder Maxine Wildcat Barnett is directly passing her fluent speech on to the youngest generation

For the first time in nearly a century, a new group of children are speaking Yuchi as a mother tongue

The Yuchi House in Sapulpa, Oklahoma has become a home for the language where Yuchi people ages 3 months to 93 years come together every day to live in the language and embrace yUdjEhalA, the Yuchi way.

gOlaha Maxine

As the matriarch of the Yuchi language, gOlaha Maxine is an inspiring and amazing woman. We call her gOlaha because she is like a grandmother to all of the children in the Yuchi Language Project. At 93, she is very active and dedicated to sharing her wisdom through language classes at the Yuchi House.  She often says that she believes gOh@nTOnA(God) has given her long life so that she can fulfill her purpose of sharing her Yuchi stories, songs, and language with the children.

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