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Language Fair

Students presented at the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair on April 1-2 in Norman, OK.

#ONAYLF19 #IYIL2019 abA gOtOtOEnû s@nlA KAêOthla jî! Very inspiring fair with 60 Native Language groups represented this year (See our facebook page for video clips and photos)

zOyaha hô'y@thlEnA hEnû TahAê hôk'âfAjî abA! Congratulations to all of our winners!

shaya Emily Benson-1st place 9-12th Masters, 3rd place 9-12th Individual Spoken Language

s'@p'as'E Jaden Hill-3rd place 9-12th Masters

tOTEnA Will Edwards-Honorable Mention 6-8th Individual Spoken Language

kyûwûnA Schuyler Stephens-2nd place 6-8th Individual Spoken Language

wA'yûnA Serena Mosquito-Honorable Mention 6-8th Individual Traditional Song

'yôfE Gabby Noriega, TEs'E Bryce Lindsey, kyûwûnA Schuyler Stephens, shaya Emily Benson, s'@p'as'E Jaden Hill, tOTEnA Will Edwards-2nd place 9-12th Medium Group Skit

1st Place Individual Spoken Language (Jayleigh)

1st Place Small Group Spoken Language (3rd-5th Grade category)

2nd Place Large Group Song (3rd-5th Grade category)

2nd Place Small Group Song (PreK-2nd grade category)

3rd Place Book Writing Project (3rd-5th grade category)

The Yuchi Language Project has a strong reputation for youth mentorship and intergenerational learning.  The students have also been invited to present at many conferences and events such as at the Tulsa State Fair and on the National Mall in Washington DC.  

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